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jensdefense's Journal

The Jens Lehmann Defense League
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This community was founded in June 2006 and back then the user info opened with a nasty dialogue of two guys I had overheard while taking the tram back home and a rant about the Lets all hate Jens Lehmann-fashion.

How things have changed since then...
So this community is a place for anything related to German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, new no 1 of German football club VfB Stuttgart and current No 1 of Germany's national team. Interviews, match reviews, your thoughts, general raving or ranting, picspam, fanfiction.. whatever your heart desires.

goalkeepers, torstenfrings, metzelderfans, thierry_henry, klosefans, bschweinsteiger, schnixfans, le_grand_otp, neuville_fans, rosicky

If you have a community related to Jens, just drop me a mail and I will add you as an affiliate. :)

Credit goes to paintedlayouts for the overrides as well as throw_elijah for the tape brushes and zinzibar for some patterns used in the community header.

1. Picspam: Please remember to put the majority of the stuff under a cut, otherwise this place is soon going to look like a balloon or something.

2. Videos: You can upload them whereever you want but I recomment yyshare which is reliable and keeps the files online for half a year.

3. If you'd like to post something not children-/work-free like fanfiction or pictures with a higher rating, place it under a cut.

4. Of course I can't make you but for the love of [insert deity], please tag your entry. I spend a whole week re-tagging the posts of a whole year. No fun.

5. All fanfiction must have a header that includes rating and a disclaimer!

6. Please note that posting in this community is not moderated, so you can basically do as you please. I just don't want any bashing of.. well, anybody here (I don't like Kahn, but I don't hate him. Just a tiny little bit. But I certainly don't wish upon him the shit Lehmann had/has to endure.) so be nice. Criticism is fine since we talk a lot about football and this is a sport where emotions run high. Just try not to insult anyone, okay?

7. Pimping your stuff here (communitys, websites etc.) is fine as long as it is related to Jens Lehmann.

8. This community is slash- and fangirl-friendly...

9. ...which doesn't mean you can't have a good discussion about football with us. So if you want to talk about the German national team's latest results or Stuttgart's defensive tactics or whatever, please feel welcome to do so! ^_^

10. Most of the goodies (pics, videos, fanfiction) will be posted in friends-only mode so you need to be a member of this community to see them.

11. This a Jens Lehmann community, NOT an Arsenal community. If you have a problem with some of the members hating criticising Arsenal or not caring about the club at all, this might not be the right place for you!

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